Why Thornleigh Herefords?



A buoyant global beef situation is finally looking bullish for Australian producers who up until recently have not really seen the benefits of high world demand as sale offerings and slaughter numbers over the past couple of years have broken records. Indeed the US Feeder steer price indicator is currently at AUD equivalent $8.00/kg live weight –a price that not long ago, no one could have believed and with feeder steer prices here now over the $3.00/kg mark, producers will hopefully enjoy prosperous times.

The widespread drought in QLD and northern NSW hopefully has broken for many and a break is hopefully not far around the corner for those who haven’t yet received good rain. The bulk of the south has now had a solid break in the season so demand across the board should continue to improve for some time.

Get back to solid profits quickly

On our front here at Thornleigh Herefords , we have experienced a remarkable turnaround in the season since the beginning of 2015 and our grass and oat crops are very productive. Herefords have continued a solid market resurgence this year with weaner prices being competitive all the way. Young Hereford females are in solid demand and as today’s Herefords are further recognised for their productivity, this will only increase as their value to crossbreeding operations materialises.

Underpinned by Branding

In my time running the Thornleigh Herefords operation I have not felt more confident that Hereford cattle can grow market share – there are competitive rates for Hereford cattle in all market segments. The development of the Hereford True and Hereford Classic Branded products has the potential to grow top end recognition for the high eating quality of Hereford cattle – please enquire if this is of interest to you.

More Weaners = more $$$

Marketing your cattle aside, Herefords will make you more money in the paddock. It’s well recognised that Hereford cattle have high fertility and particularly in sub-optimal conditions, the Hereford cow is as likely to get back in calf quickly as any breed of cattle. We have done much work in recent years to moderate the growth pattern in our cattle – they are easier calving and will wean more calves.

Enjoy working with your cattle

At Thornleigh Herefords we truly believe the temperament of Hereford cattle is second to none and there are very many tangible benefits that this brings to our industry outside the pleasure that the producer has of working with them. With the gradual expansion of the MSA system domestically, grading percentages of quiet cattle will be higher – less dark cutting discounts, lower problems in the high stress times of transport, sale preparation and during all husbandry operations. It’s not an easily calculated advantage that Herefords have but it is definite and bankable.

What’s the story?

Increasingly consumers are asking for the story behind the beef they eat and no breed of cattle is more efficient at producing high eating quality from ‘natural’ and ‘pasture fed’ systems than Herefords. The premiums available in this corner of the market appear to be growing both domestically and internationally and most beef processors are now seeking quality grass fed cattle – Herefords have the natural advantage.

Take no chances

When you buy your bulls from Thornleigh Herefords, you get a product that you can have real confidence in – our bulls are selected from a breeding herd of 300 registered and performance recorded females – you get the best of them. They are guaranteed to be fertile, they are vaccinated against Vibriosis, Leptospirosis and Pestivirus. Rest easy that they are backed by us – discuss our replacement policy with us. Our cows have to work hard to produce a sale bull and Thornleigh bulls are run on oat and forage crops depending on availability – at present both our weaner draft of bulls and our sale bulls are running on oats only.

Let us transport them for you

We will transport the bulls at our cost to your nearest major centre within 250km – this is a significant saving on your bull purchase. Feel free to discuss the arrangements with us.