Battalion Black Hawk BHEK7

Battalion Black Hawk (BHEK7)

Purchased in partnership with Franco Herefords at the 2016 Glen Innes Sale for the record price of $45,000. This bull will take us to the next level. His structural correctness is second to none. A great muscle pattern on a moderate frame will ensure he is as versatile a bull as we have ever used. Cosmetically he is how we want them, with a soft, dark skin, great pigment and faultless in his eye setting. I haven’t seen a bull with this much potential good for a long time and we are very excited about getting cows in calf to him. His dam is a top line breeder with a perfect udder. Semen is available – please contact us with enquiries.


AEDK4_lAllendale Anzac K4 (ET) (P)

$40,000 seller at Dubbo National, K4 is a moderate growth pattern bull with great thickness and a lovely loose skin. His dam has produced a number of sons selling into seedstock herds, not the least being the Anzac E114 bull used so successfully by Injemira. K4 has a great balanced ebv set which has him sitting in the top couple of percentiles for all indexes. We are excited to use K4 over both cows and heifers. Semen only


GP Knockout K160Glendan Park Knockout K160

Knockout was Supreme Exhibit at the Wodonga National Show and Sale in 2016 selling for $52,000. He was a standout with wonderful head carriage, balance and thickness. With outstanding spring of rib and wonderful structure, the right skin and a tremendous eye set, we think he will compliment our female herd well. Semen only.


Wirruna Gular G285

Originally purchased to join with heifers he has done so successfully but his results have seen him now joined with some of our very best cows. G285 has a tremendous  tremendous set of profit driving figures – he adds length and carcass to his cattle, trait leader for Scrotal, great gestation length data – a real across the board performance bull. 2016 saw his first sons average $8,000. There are some really top bulls in the upcoming sale by G285. Semen is available – please contact us with enquiries.


Cara Park UNiqueCara Park Unique J374

An outstanding package of high performance with low birthweight and such a well structured bull. We have used his sire and we know the female line behind Mawarra Unique has been so productive across the world. J374 is a beautiful shouldered bull and we will be giving him the opportunity on both cows and heifers. He is a high indexing bull with a very balanced set of EBVs. Semen is available – please contact us with enquiries.


G338Thornleigh 232 Gambler G338

A tremendous breeding son of Mawarra Vice Admiral, G338 has  great presence and outlook – he is structurally outstanding and his pedigree has great breeding cattle all the way. He has some really outstanding, high muscled sons for sale in 2017. The structure and mobility of his cattle is magnificent and his first daughters are starting to milk and have lovely udder structure and appear to have plenty of milk.

Strathleigh Ogilve F594

Sold for $21,000 in the final Strathleigh bull sale, F594 has tremendous thickness, great skin and is as square set as you will find. His first drop of sale bulls have tremendous growth and muscle patterns. They have the quiet disposition that the Hereford breed has been built on. Sons of F594 topped our sale in 2015 at $13,000 and averaged $7,500. Bulls for sale in 2016.



DSCF5739Ironbark B582 Kurrajong F303 

Purchased in 2012 for his tremendous balance – his breeding consistency is unparalleled. The butt shape on all his progeny is exactly what the industry requires and pigment and eye set is ideal. We have been please to bring the Bramble Kurrajong line into our herd. He is a really strong paddock sire.


ALLENDALE WATERHOUSE D1 (P) Allendale Waterhouse D1 

He has bred the house down all over the country and the calves on the ground at Thornleigh are as strong as any we have bred. He is one Australia’s prepotent poll sires. His sons sold to $11,000 in our 2015 sale and averaged $8167.


THORNLEIGH X007 PRESIDENT E305 (H) Thornleigh X007 President E305

Sold in 2011 to Bra-Ma Herefords for $19,000 – E305 is the best son we have bred by President – who bred the house down for us – he is a higher yielding type bull with wonderful structure and mobility. His mother was an elite breeder in our herd and another son C218 has left us some really good breeding females.



THORNLEIGH S106 ARGENTINA A325 (H) Thornleigh S106 Argentina A325

By the once in a generation breeding bull S106, Argentina made $16,000 in our 2007 sale and has bred extra well for us – more carcass and great structured cattle – bred the 2013 top priced bull G265 selling to Robert and Scott Reid at $12,000.




Thornleigh Trailblazer E341

An exceptionally muscled bull by Trailblazer from a very good W487 female – breeding extra thickness and softness. He is as versatile as any sire we’ve recently used. He is as sound now as he was in his first joining season. Below are two E341 progeny TCCJ253 and TCCH192


Bulls 7th June 2014 120





Mawarra Vice Admiral

An outstanding breeding bull from an extraordinary producing female line that has produced two Wodonga champions and a string of successful breeding bulls. Sired our top priced bull in 2104 and with the strength of his female lineage we expect big things from his daughters.


BMH Zaffer Z138

Purchased back by us after originally selling for $12,000 to the Laurie family at Rawdon Vale – Z138 has bred exceptionally well – extra length, maternal strength. Z138 has left us with some beautiful breeding females.

Thornleigh Jerry C285

Reserve Senior Champion at Brisbane Exhibition in 2009 and Thornleigh on-property record holder at $26,000 selling to Sheldon Park Herefords, C285 has bred wonderfully fleshed cattle – easy finishing.

CC 56M Sullivan 42R

Specialist calving ease bull by 56M (a product of the Ulrich low birthweight program in Canada) – 42R breeds long bodied, heavily pigmented cattle – this is a strong milking line – sons have sold to $8,000 to Nowley Past. Co. Semen is available – please contact us with enquiries.


CL 1 Domino 042X 1ET 

The Line One cattle are fast becoming the dominant Hereford cattle in North America and a line we are attaching to our program for their tremendous birth to final weight spreads and outstanding consistency backed by a wealth of performance information – 42X is from the Cooper Ranch in Montana whose female herd I have been privileged to see and it is something to behold – the finest I have seen. 042X’s dam 5142R is pictured here and is one of the leading donor females in this top cow herd.


Ironbark 9169W Advance G126  

Another Line One bred bull – we have used his sire 9169W who is a prominent bull in the Holden Herefords’ sire battery and we were impressed by his calves – G126 has a very strong pedigree, again backed by the strength of the Bramble Kurrajong line. His calves are born small and have competitive growth – bulls for sale in 2016 look really good.


HH Advance 3022A ET

This exciting young sire topped the 2014 Holden sale at $80,000. He is by the $55,000 sire 0002X (whose sons in the 2014 sale averaged $29,000 for 12) and out of the $95,000 6155S cow whose 13 sons in the 2014 Holden sale averaged $33,000. He bends the growth curve with a 36kg birthweight and is being used by the leading herds in North America. We have his first calves on the ground and they look really exciting. Semen is available – please contact us with enquiries.