2019 Bull Sale Catalogue

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Lot 1   Thornleigh H K7 Natural N140 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. We bought Blackhawk for $45,000 with Franco and what a great purchase he has proven to be. A bull I think has enormous breeding potential here. He has lovely shape and combines it with the extreme maternal performance and moderate birthweight of the 42X line. Wonderful temperament and low on faults, I can recommend this bull to all producers.

Lot 2   Thornleigh H K7 Nullabor N231 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. A wonderfully soft, square made son of the extremely consistent Blackhawk – they are selling well wherever they have been used and it will be for the good of the breed. N231 is from a good old breeder with the great S106 behind her. One of the better bulls to sell here.

Lot 3   Thornleigh H 160 Nocturnal N166 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. By the $52,000 Wodonga Champion, N166 displays all the good attributes I saw in his sire – great carriage through the front end, extra width along top, tremendous depth right through and a great dispostion to go with it. I rate his young mother as a very good young breeder.


Lot 4   Thornleigh H K7 Blackhawk N138 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This bull is a beautiful free moving bull with the great fleshing, skin type and eye of the Blackhawk progeny , but he also carries it in a bit longer body and slightly more bone suggesting to me that his progeny will see more kilos at the scales. He really is potential sire material.


Lot 5   Thornleigh H 341 Network N119 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This may be the best maternal package in a sire that we have ever offered – he has a doublecross of the great Mawarra Minerva 554 cow and is out of our No.1 consistent breeding line being a natural son of our Brisbane Senior Champion H186. That aside, he could be the best put together bull in this draft – I don’t think people will miss him in the yards.


Lot 6   Thornleigh P K4 Naturalism N161 (AI) (S)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Our first son of Anzac K4 who sold for $40,000 at Dubbo, N161 has enormous potential. He is extremely long bodied and is deceiving in how much meat carriage he has. A wonderful sire’s head and as solid as a rock on his feet and legs – real sire potential.


Lot 7   Thornleigh P K4 Anazc N136 (HPR) (AI) (S)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This is a big volume Anzac son with lovely neck extension and great head and eye. His progeny will have extra performance and will be maternally superior.


Lot 8   Thornleigh H 341 Noble N117 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. A wonderfully correct bull with tremendous outlook, N117 is very square in his makeup with lovley spring along his rib. He has been a leader in this draft from the start.


Lot 9   Thornleigh H 374 Nankervis N108 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. A very active, free moving bull, N108 has true and trusted docility. Like all the J374 progeny he has extra length of body.


Lot 10   Thornleigh H K7 Nantucket N237 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This is one of my favoured bulls in the offering. His mother H268 is becoming one of our top producers. He has a beautiful skin type, great mobility and should prove to be a top sire.


Lot 11  Thornleigh H 374 Nobleman N128 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. N128 was at foot when his mother was Reserve Senior Champion Female at Brisbane Royal. He is thick set and very square in his makeup. A very good doing type.


Lot 12   Thornleigh H 160 Nuclear N229 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 95/100. N229 could be the best Knockout son to be offered. He has the tremendous carcass attributes of Knockout with the ideal markings and skin and hair that our breed requires.


Lot 13   Thornleigh P Calibre N124 (ET) (AI) (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Actual EBVs available sale day. If you’re looking for a bull with extra scale while retaining great thickness, this bull has it – he is an interesting cross – the only bull in this flush, his mother is a tremendous milking female and a son has topped our sale selling to Foxforth.


Lot 14   Thornleigh H 374 Unique N174 (H) 

Eye Pigment 95/100. To my mind this is the best Unique son in the lineup – he is very well put together and moves so smoothly – this is a great maternal line in our herd.



Lot 15   Thornleigh P K4 Natal N134 (AI) (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Another son of the $40,000 Anzac K4, N134 is more compact in his makeup and has extra carcass. He is more moderate in his birthweight breeding potential and can be used on anything with confidence.


Lot 16   Thornleigh H 374 Newton N118 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This Unique son is out of a female the kids showed. He is a very nice fronted bull, very correct in structure and overall type.


Lot 17   Thornleigh P Nonchalant N167 (S)

Eye Pigment 100/100. B263 has always been at the front end of our breeding herd, producing a donor female in H186. This is her first bull and he is true to type with what she’s produced to date. Hugo’s bull – he will attest to this bull’s outstanding potential.


Lot 18   Thornleigh P 285 Nasser N212 (ET) (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Actual EBVs available sale day. This is an excellent calf out of H186. An outstanding cross with our excellent breeding bull G285, the breeding potential here is enormous.


Lot 19   Thornleigh H K7 Blackhawk N147 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. The oldest cow in our breeding herd, Z330 has produced bulls selling up to $18 000 to Ironbark for D225. Through our worst drought ever she is back on the point of calving at 14 years. This is a very good Blackhawk son.


Lot 20   Thornleigh P 285 Nike N211 (ET) (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Actual EBVs available sale day. Full ET brother to lot 18, the genetics here are garanteed to produce high performance cattle.


Lot 21   Thornleigh P 14 Nightcap N197 (HPR) (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This bull has excellent fleshing, tremendous width throughout and the softness of skin that we like. Two big red eyes make him an attractive option.




Lot 22   Thornleigh H K7 Blackhawk N240 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Actual EBVs available sale day. I belive this is one of the best Blackhawk sons being offered. He covers extra ground and is so correct. Look into this bull.


Lot 23   Thornleigh H 160 Notorious N221 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. E214 has had sons selling to $10 000. This is perhaps the longest bodied Knockout son and with the Trailblazer/Knockout corss carcass is assured. A very good young bull.


Lot 24   Thornleigh H Noosa Heads N143 (HPR) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Actual EBVs available sale day. A big stretchy, long fronted bull, N143’s mother has weaned one of the top bulls this year. This is a deep maternal pedigree.


Lot 25   Thornleigh H K7 Nagpur N250 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. N250 is one of the easiest bulls to the eye in the draft. Beautiful skin type, sirey head and he’s very correct in his structure. It’s a strong maternal line.


Lot 26   Thornleigh H K7 Blackhawk N217 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This bull started on feed later but keeps catching up. He has extra scale through President and Blackhawks outstanding structural features.


Lot 27   Thornleigh H Nominee N201 (AI) (HPR) (H#)

Eye Pigment 100/100. F234 has sold sons to $10 000 and though this fella was also a late starter on feed, this calf shows great potential. He is a very good Knockout son.


Lot 28   Thornleigh H 160 Nautilus N226 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Another later onto feed, this Knockout son gets better by the day. His mother D358 has been a top producer and is still with us through this trying season.


Lot 29   Thornleigh P 14 Nitro N188 (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This is a clean polled Junee son with excellent thickness throughout and ideal skin.


Lot 30   Thornleigh H K7 Norman N249 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. A good Blackhawk son to finish on.