2018 Bull Sale Catalogue

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TCCM208   Lot 1   Thornleigh P Mongoose M208 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. M208 was used over stud cows last summer and will have calves on the ground this spring. He is long, sound footed with a great skin and hair type. Wirruna G285 has bred the house down for us and many of the good bulls in the catalogue are sons. F237 has been a very consistent producer for us. POLL GENETICS.


TCCM332_2   Lot 2   Thornleigh H 374 Maddocks M332 (H).

Eye pigmemt 100/100. The first of our Cara Park Unique sons, M332 is an exceptionally long bull with a lovely top line and extra extension through the front end – clean sheathed and good footed. His dam B267, has been a great breeder for us and year after year produced top end bulls including J281 to top our 2015 bull sale at $13,000. He has a solid set of numbers that has him indexing at the front end of the breed. 100% HORNED GENETICS


TCCM311 Lot 3   Thornleigh P 285 McCosker M311 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. A really modern type of bull here with a higher yielding carcass type in this STUD SIRE PROSPECT. M311 has outstanding muscle content but remains as soft as butter. He has a lovely short, soft hair type. All the G285 progeny have outstanding temperaments, sound feet and legs and extra testicular volume. We purchased G285 to join to heifers with a 3.8 birth weight. As time does not permit us to weigh calves at birth, our birth weights relate directly to breed links and are influenced by 600 day performance. By virtue of the fact that G285’s progeny are performing so highly, his birth weight is slowly rising. It is a failing of Breedplan that we can’t avoid unless we weigh all our calves. HEIFER’S FIRST CALF. POLL GENETICS.


TCCM327   Lot 4   Thornleigh P 285 Mallett M327 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. From a similar mould as Lot 3, M327 has a fraction more muscle content and a slightly heavier bone structure. He is almost faultless in his structure and will fit as many production systems as any bull in the catalogue. His mother, J337, is one of our very good young mothers. POLL GENETICS.

TCCM340   Lot 5   Thornleigh P 285 McLeod M340 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. Another G285 son, M340 shows a bit more scale with as strong a constitutional type as you’ll find. The catalogue has any number of really top bulls by G285 and this bull is as impressive as any. His head and eye set is what our industry needs to ensure trouble-free longevity. POLL GENETICS.


 TCCM308   Lot 6   Thornleigh H 374 McGrath M308 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. M308 is another Unique son with extra muscling – a deep chested meat bull, his dam has been a very strong producer for us and this bull is possibly her best calf. I saw one of his maternal brothers working for a client last season and he was doing a tremendous job. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM345   Lot 7   Thornleigh P 14 McAllister M345 (P).

Eye pigment 100/75. This is the first of an awesome draft of Mountain Valley Junee sons. He has the outstanding fleshing of his sire, with depth of body that is very hard to find. A beautiful soft hair type in a dark coat, he is very sound footed and has a very wide base – he has longevity in his breeding and body type. POLL GENETICS.


TCCM401   Lot 8   Thornleigh H Masterpiece M401 (AI) (H).

Eye pigment 100/100.  STUD SIRE PROSPECT. The first of an outstanding draft of young Courallie J015 sons (who is a son of the breed leading Yarram Unique F181.) This bull covers a lot of ground. Only a November calf, he is competitive on his raw data the whole way and his Breedplan data set is where our breed needs to head – high IMF while maintaining high muscle content. J015 is a top 5% indexing sire and his progeny reflect this. 100% HORNED GENETICS. See photo of his dam, J289, as a show heifer








TCCM428_2   Lot 9   Thornleigh H Metallica M428 (AI) (H).

Eye pigment 90/100. STUD SIRE PROSPECT. This is an outstanding young sire. Wide based in his makeup, he has tremendous muscle content and has a beautifully laid in shoulder. J015 was brought into our program to use over heifers and has proven his progeny can calve easily but maintain excellent growth. They are getting better and better and have a look at the data set. 100% HORNED GENETICS.

TCCM378   Lot 10  Thornleigh P 14 Montezuma M378 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. STUD SIRE PROSPECT. One of the deepest bodied and heaviest muscled bulls in the offering yet he has outstanding structure and great mobility. He is balanced right through and has a lovely hair type and softness of skin. Ian Durkin rated Junee’s mother as the top female in his high performance herd. POLL GENETICS.


TCCM423   Lot 11  Thornleigh H Mongoose M423 (AI) (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. STUD SIRE PROSPECT. Another great young J015 son with that industry leading Unique data that his sire J015 brings. Dark and soft coated, he should suit heifer joining but maintains plenty of performance. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


   Lot 12  Thornleigh H Messenger M427 (AI) (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. In a similar mould to the previous lot, M427 has a bit more natural fleshing and is shorter in the coat. He will suit joining to heifers as will all the J015 sons. From a very productive direct female line going back to V134 who was a very good dam in our herd. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM388   Lot 13  Thornleigh H Mopoke M388 (H).

Eye Pigment 100/100. An end of October calf by 338, this calf is a terrific individual. He has great stretch and is very free in his movement which rightly suggests he is correctly made. Beautifully marked with two big red eyes. His dam is producing well with her heifer calf prior to this bull being Junior Champion at the QLD Junior Heifer Show. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM439   Lot 14  Thornleigh H 303 Majestic M439 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. The youngest bull in the draft, M439 is a really dark coated, goggle eyed bull with great extension up front and he is developing a really solid muscle pattern. With extra milk on both sides of his pedigree, he will produce lovely females. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM235   Lot 15  Thornleigh H Milo M235 (H#).

Eye pigment 100/100. STUD SIRE PROSPECT. HEIFER’S FIRST CALF UNASSISTED. We have calved 40 plus heifers to M235 this year with minimal effort and they are a terrific bunch of calves. This bull is as smooth made as any in the draft and has plenty of fleshing with an excellent strucutral pattern and he has a great set of figures to boot. He is my pick of a great draft of H336 sons in the sale – they will all suit heifer joining and this bull has proven himself. POLL GENETICS.


Lot 16  Thornleigh H 336 M262 (HPR) (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. An extremely long bodied H336 son, M262 has a beautiful head and eye set. Great extension from nose to tail and a terrific hind leg, this is a bull that will add kilos to your progeny while maintaining an economical birthweight. He is a heifer’s first calf and an outstanding indicator of how H336 is breeding. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM337 Lot 17  Thornleigh P 285 M337 (HPR) (P).

Eye pigment 100/98. One of the better G285 sons that have been bred here, M337 is a heavy carcass bull and will be more moderate in his birth weight than his figures suggest. He has tremendous width over his top and right down his hind leg – the type that always weigh up on the scales. An outstanding herd improver. POLL GENETICS.


TCCM272   Lot 18  Thornleigh H 63 Muller M272 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. A very deep bodied Rambo son, this bull is square made and a versatile type. A bull whose progeny will finish to a wide range of weights, he has great capacity with the ability to finish cattle quickly. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM334 Lot 19  Thornleigh P 14 Mailey M334 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. STUD SIRE PROSPECT. M334 is exceptionally deep chested and carries his depth right through. The Junee progeny are thick and square made without exception and this bull has great extension through the front end. C128 has been a very solid calf producer and this bull is a leader in the draft. POLL GENETICS.


Lot 20  Thornleigh H Marquis M228 (AI) (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. The first son of $80,000 Holden sire 3022A. He is an easy calf getter and was purchased for that purpose. This bull has extra length and is from a first calver who looks like being one of our better producers. She has weaned an outstanding heifer calf this year. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM254   Lot 21  Thornleigh M254 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. This is one of the higher muscle content bulls in the draft. Another heifer’s first calf by H336, he has tremendous width over the top and fills his pants right up. A good young cow behind him who has produced a top end weaner bull this year. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM369   Lot 22  Thornleigh H 338 Moreduval M369 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. A younger September G338 son here, M369 is a higher yielding type bull with tremendous length of body and width over the top. He has great feet and legs and a nice free gait. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM232   Lot 23  Thornleigh H Mash M232 (HPR) (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. M232 is a lovely skinned bull – he is typically for the H336 sons, thick and square made but has the extra softness to his coat and a nicely hooded eye set. HEIFER’S FIRST CALF UNASSISTED. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM239   Lot 24  Thornleigh H 336 Monsoon M239 (H).

Eye pigment 60/100. More scale to this bull but very similar in type to the last lot and again a heifer’s first calf unassisted, M239’s dam, J273 is breeding very well with a top notch Battalion Black Hawk bull calf weaned this year. I really like this bull. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM353   Lot 25  Thornleigh P 285 Monton M353 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. I like to start a new group of bulls with a bull I really like and that’s the case here. This G285 son has his trademark length and exceptional depth of body. He fills right down into his lower thigh and consequently always weighs heavier than you think he will. I recommend this bull as a very good herd improving sire. POLL GENETICS.


TCCM363   Lot 26  Thornleigh P 14 Mogill M363 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. This is a great young Junee son from a high end producing C285 female. Lovely smooth skin and hair, big pigment and loads of muscle combine for a very sort after type. POLL GENETICS.


TCCM366   Lot 27  Thornleigh H Maunder M366 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. This E341 son is one of the higher growth bulls in the catalogue, with President on the maternal side. He has terrific neck extension and is very free moving in his gait. Structurally sound and with the right type of skin and hair he will sire heavy, attractive cattle. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM325   Lot 28  Thornleigh P 285  Mayne M325 (HPR) (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. M325 is one of my favourite G285 sons – he has tremendous width right through with a wonderful top and down into his lower hind leg – wide in his makeup with a terrific eye set – a top notch herd improver. POLL GENETICS.


Lot 29  Thornleigh H 388 Megalodon M386 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. There are only a few G338 sons in this year’s sale – they sold to $12,000 twice last year. This bull is extremely good. He has wonderful balance and is meat all over. Cosmetically spot on, he is a low fault package. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


Lot 30  Thornleigh P 14 Meckiff M333 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. A meaty young Junee son typical of the extra carcass and fleshing he produces. His dam D358 has a couple of very good daughters producing in the stud including the dam of TCCM363 (Lot 26). POLL GENETICS.


Lot 31  Thornleigh P 285 McCool M329 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. Another really good G285 son with a lovely hind leg and beautiful tail and rump set. He is good footed as has almost every calf bred by G285 been. I can’t praise the job he has done for us enough. POLL GENETICS.


Lot 32  Thornleigh H Maori M355  (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. Square made and sound footed, this is a low faults bull with good eye set, skin and hair. M355’s dam F128 is a consistent producer and has weaned a very good bull calf again this year. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


Lot 33  Thornleigh P 285 Maclean M320  (S).

Eye pigment 100/100. A dark coated, shorter marked bull – this comes from generations back on his dam’s side – he is strong spined and correct in his make up. POLL GENETICS.


TCCM258   Lot 34  Thornleigh H 336 M258 (HPR) (H).

Eye pigment 98/100. HEIFER’S FIRST CALF UNASSISTED. A lovely smooth made 336 son, this bull will suit heifer joining. He is round in the muscle but really well laid in through the front end. His dam, J161 has weaned an outstanding Blackhawk heifer this year in the top 3 or 4 of the drop. This is a first rate heifer option. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM227   Lot 35  Thornleigh H Mosman M227 (AI) (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. This 3022A son is the heaviest natural carcass bull in the draft. Absolute thickness with the freedom of movement of bulls with far less muscle. He is sound in his feet and angles. If you are looking to put more yield performance into your cattle, this bull will not miss. High milk, below average birthweight. 100% HORNED GENETICS.


TCCM354   Lot 36  Thornleigh P 14 Moncton M354 (S).

Eye pigment 100/100. This is a really soft, fleshy Junee son who is fast becoming one of the top bulls in the draft. He has great head carriage and neck extension with lots of red meat – all the Junee sons have a very similar pattern – meat front to back. POLL GENETICS.



TCCM380   Lot 37  Thornleigh P 285 Magnetic M380 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. This is a very typical G285 son. The temperaments of these cattle are second to none that we have used. M380 has plenty of meat with a terrific hind leg and is as sound in his structure as any. POLL GENETICS.



TCCM382_2   Lot 38  Thornleigh H 336 M382 (HPR) (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. Heifer’s first calf unassisted. This H336 son will suit heifer joinings. He is moderate in his growth pattern but has loads of thickness so has some versatility. 100% HORNED GENETICS.




TCCM256   Lot 39  Thornleigh H Martyn M256 (H).

Eye pigment 100/35. Heifer’s first calf unassisted. Structurally, this bull is terrific. He has great balance, extra length and plenty of muscle and genetically suits heifer joinings. 100% HORNED GENETICS.




TCCM215   Lot 40  Thornleigh H Manuel M215 (H).

Eye pigment 100/100. M215 has extra growth and length. He has tremendous head carriage and a solid data set with two big red eyes. 100% HORNED GENETICS.




TCCM322   Lot 41  Thornleigh P 14 Mossy M322 (P).

Eye pigment 100/100. The Junee sons all have extra muscle – this bull adds extra length which his dam has in spades. She has been a very consistent producer. POLL GENETICS.




TCCM238   Lot 42  Thornleigh H M238 (HPR) (H).

Eye pigment 100/80. Heifer’s first calf unassisted. This bull will suit heifer joinings. He’s sound footed, structurally sound with the shoulder set to aid in easy calving. 100% HORNED GENETICS.




Lot 43  Thornleigh H 336 Mcintyre M257 (H).

Heifer’s first calf unassisted. M257 is as soft as any bull in the catalogue. He has a great skin and hair type and is as suitable for heifers as any bull in the catalogue. 100% HORNED GENETICS.