2017 Bull Sale Catalogue (Bull lots)

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TCCL371 Brisbane Snr Grand Champion 2107
Lot 1   Thornleigh Legume L371 (S)

Senior and Grand Champion Brisbane Royal Show 2017. Eye pigment 100/100. We are retaining 200 straws for in-herd use. L371 is a wonderful bull with an amazing temperament. His structure is as close to faultless as we’ve been – lovely feet, great head and eye set, clean sheathed with excellent testicles. He is packed with meat and is soft in the skin with tremendous fleshing. His dam is a top drawer breeding cow with a nice tight udder. I can fully recommend this bull as a true stud sire.

Purchaser: Yarralah Pastoral       Price: $16,000

TCCL379Lot 2   Thornleigh Legislator L379 (H) 

Reserve Senior Champion Bull Brisbane Royal Show 2017. Eye pigment 100/100. An October calf, L379 has stood out from an early age with his tremendous presence – he has extra length of body, outstanding head and neck carriage with thickness right through. He has the eye set we are looking for in our breed, is a great mover and active at all times. This bull will sire top end calves wherever he ends up. Supreme Interbreed Exhibit Inverell Show 2017.

Purchaser: Ford End Pastoral   Price: $12,000

TCCM210TCCM210 Brisbane Jnr ChLot 3   Thornleigh Maxwell M210 (P)

Junior Champion Bull Brisbane Royal Show 2017. Eye pigment 100/100. A product of our top direct female line and out of our 2016 Brisbane Senior Champion female, M210 could be the pick in the sale. Structurally very  sound – he has extra growth for age, has tremendous thickness and head carriage that the Hereford breed has strived for over generations. His eye is set right back into the head where we want to see it. Many of the industry’s top producers always harp on about the female line behind great cattle and this bull has true breeding quality behind him. His sire G285 has risen to the top in our herd for his ability to breed sound, high performance modern Hereford types. A genuine stud sire. See photo of his dam below.

TCCH186Thornleigh 232 Constance H186 (AI) (H)

Dam of Lot 3 – TCCM210. She was Senior Champion Brisbane Exhibition 2016 and is a magnificent female.

Purchaser: AM & NE Finlayson   Price: $13,000





TCCL322   Lot 4   Thornleigh Larwood L322 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Not many bulls exhibit the horsepower that L322 has. He has wonderful length of body, great neck extension and head carriage. He has always exhibited tremendous weight for age and he will sire high performance cattle with length. His dam has also produced H361 – $12,000 to Glendan Park Herefords. Larwood will have wide ranging suitability due to his ability to maintain great fleshing while continuing to be at the front of the growth curve. He will improve cattle wherever he goes.

Purchaser: Piedmont Station   Price: $10,000

L320 - Lot 5Lot 5   Thornleigh Lockyer L320 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Hereford cattle have been well recognized for their ability to bring big weight to the scales and bulls like L320 are the reason. The depth of body in the H193 sons is outstanding. L320 has extra length of body and will be a top notch producer of heavy weaners with the ability to keep growing into heavier finishing regimes. Lovely head and eye set.

Purchaser: R & J Trease  Price: $8,000

DL333 - Lot 6Lot 6  Thornleigh Lawton L333 (H)

Eye pigment 98/100. One of the very top bulls in the sale, L333 has the similar depth of body and wide base that all the H193’s have. He also has the extra weight for age through outstanding muscle and fleshing content. His dam is rising 13 years now and has produced President D225 (sold to Ironbark for $18,000 and has proven a top breeding bull – he has nearly 200 registered progeny). We have endeavoured to reduce the breeding age of our female herd and she is still in the herd so that shows how much we value her. This bull has real sire power.

Purchaser: LC & GL Anthony   Price: $8,000

L344 - Lot 7Lot 7   Thornleigh Lancelot L344 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. This G338 son is a really correct, free moving and active young bull. He has a smooth, short coat and plenty of thickness. B267 has been one of our really top cows producing Jackson to top our 2015 sale at $13,000. This bull will be a very good breeding bull.

Purchaser: NI & TJ Kelly   Price: $4,000

L445 - Lot 8Lot 8   Thornleigh Lieutenant L445 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Just a November calf, L445 will end up one of the best – maybe by sale time. He has extra growth, neck extension and typical G338 soundness of structure. His eye set is perfect. He is a very active bull and will get plenty of cows in calf in quick time.

Purchaser: Reid Trust   Price: $12,000

L327 - Lot 9Lot 9   Thornleigh Lockett L327 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. A very long bodied H193 son with extra muscle, L327 is a great footed bull and out of Z150, our oldest breeding cow. She is on her last calf this year but has been a great producer for us. This bull has the Euro type roundness of muscle that Pepper bred in our herd and the depth of body we are seeing without exception from the H193 progeny.

Purchaser: RJ & EJ Lockyer   Price: $4,000



TCCL385 - Lot 10Lot 10   Thornleigh Liberator L385 (HPR) (H#)

Eye pigment 100/100. L385 is an outstanding young Kurrajong son. He is as soft as butter with extra length of body. Beautifully marked with loads of softness and on a very correct frame. An HPR bull that shows all the beef attributes we are looking for in our herd. Most people have picked this bull out on inspection.

Purchaser:  Yarralah Pastoral   Price: $10,000


TCCL377 - Lot 11Lot 11   Thornleigh L377 (HPR) (P)

Eye pigment 100/100. A mid-October Wirruna G285 son, I love the structural pattern in this bull – he is made to stack weight on. Extra length of body and a really round muscle pattern. A favourite bull of mine in this draft.

Purchaser: DE & AA Woods   Price: $8,000


L336 - Lot 12 V2Lot 12   Thornleigh Lillicrap L336 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Out of the same mould as Lot 10, L336 covers a lot of ground and strides out with ease due to his great structural pattern. This bull has an unflappable temperament – his mother the same. This is as bulletproof a bull as any in this sale draft.

Purchaser: Springwood P/ship   Price: $4,000


L352 - Lot 13Lot 13   Thornleigh Latimer L352 (H)

Eye pigment 65/100. L352’s sire – G338 – is as sound and mobile as the day he first went out with cows. This bull has his type of mobility and virility ensuring he will get plenty of quality calves. A low fault herd improving bull.





 L345 - Lot 14 V2Lot 14   Thornleigh Lockwood L345 (H)

Eye pigment 100/95. If you’re looking for a maternal type bull that will really flesh up your cattle, L345 should be in your sights. He has a lovely rib and great fleshing and his mother has been a favourite producer in our herd. She produced a top notch weaner heifer last year in our pick of the drop heifer offering.

Purchaser: RJ & EJ Lockyer   Price: $6,000


TCCL431 - Lot 15Lot 15   Thornleigh Lucifer L431 (HPR) (H#)

Eye pigment 100/100. Please take into account this calf’s age – he is an end of November calf with performance comparable to bulls months older. I believe he has the best hindquarter in the sale – great aesthetics and his dam is doing a great job for us. This is the muscle pattern we are striving to put throughout our herd.



Lot 16   Thornleigh Lorax L359 (H)

Eye pigment 98/80. Another beautifully put together Gambler G338 son, L359 is a great mover – very correct and square made. His dam F200 has one of the very top weaner bulls for 2018 and is a solid contributor to the herd. Purchaser: Yarralah Pastoral   Price: $4,000

TCCL315 - Lot 17Lot 17   Thornleigh Laramie L315 (H)

Eye pigment 98/100. This is a really soft, wide made bull with loads of top in him. He is well fleshed and is the easy doing type we get from H193.

Lot 18   Thornleigh Louth L354 (H)

Eye pigment 95/45. A bit more scale in this bull. He is long and deep with an A1 temperament.

Purchaser: NI & TJ Kelly   Price: $4,000

L342 - Lot 19Lot 19   Thornleigh Lucas L342 (H)

Eye pigment 100/90. This calf’s mother is a bit of a favourite of mine. She is a half sister to sire H193 and also J214 sold to Jim Flannagan for $11,000. This bull is beautifully fleshed and round muscled.

Purchaser: Yarralah Pastoral   Price: $4,000




L483 - Lot 20Lot 20   Thornleigh Lofty L483 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. One of the star lots in the catalogue. This end of December calf has possibly the most pleasing muscle pattern of any in the sale draft. He is a very square made, sure footed bull. From a good uddered, high milking cow, he really does have stud sire potential.

Purchaser: PA & KL Weller   Price: $5,000

Lot 21   Thornleigh Ligament L393 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. A very correct bull, L393 is soft, round topped and good footed.

Lot 22   Thornleigh Logo L480 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. L480 has length to burn – rich coated and full of performance. He is one of the pick bulls in this younger draft. Parentage verification has been completed on Logo and he is confirmed as being by Thornleigh 4P Ribstone C209 (AI) (H).  Purchaser: JN Schaefer   Price: $4,000.

TCCL426 - Lot 23Lot 23   Thornleigh Lingo L426 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. L426 has a great outlook. Like all E341 progeny he is very round topped and is a carcass type bull. Well marked and attractive. His dam G208 is doing a great job in our herd.

Purchaser: Reid Trust   Price: $7,000

Lot 24   Thornleigh Loggerhead L478 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. A lovely soft coated, smooth haired bull with great fleshing and tremendously deep bodied. His maternal line has been one of our best over many years and this December calf will breed. This bull has come back inconclusive on parentage verification and so he will be sold as a commercial bull.

L408 - Lot 25Lot 25   Thornleigh L408 (HPR) (S)

Eye pigment 100/100. By our great breeding Wirruna G285 bull – a fool proof type with a nice, evenly balanced set of figures – they all have high structural integrity.

Purchaser: Stoddard Pastoral   Price: $5,000

Lot 26   Thornleigh Lumber L400 (HPR) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. A big improver in the draft – this young November bull will continue to grow into a bigger volume bull. From a big strong Argentina cow – they are good producers. Purchaser: J Grills   Price: $4,000.

L430 - Lot 27Lot 27   Thornleigh Limerick L430 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Another quality E341 son – his mother has weaned a lovely heifer calf this year and I think she will be one of our leading breeders over the next few years.

Purchaser: Reid Trust   Price: $4,000

Lot 28   Thornleigh Locust L460 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. This is another calf bred along the same direct female line as H193 and Lot 19’s mother. I love the style of this bull. He was reared under tougher conditions on agistment near Yetman and has really performed well to make our sale draft. Buy this bull with real confidence.

Lot 29   Thornleigh H Morrissey M204 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Our only Ogilve son for sale this year and only a January calf, M204 has loads of potential. Ogilve has done a wonderful job here and this calf is a good one.

Purchaser: J & T Kimmince   Price: $4,000.

Lot 30   Thornleigh Lennon L357 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. This is a really appealing bull – he is robust, smooth skinned and full of muscle – like Lot 28 he was reared on agistment and has performed outstandingly well to present as he does. Purchaser: Miandra Unit Trust   Price: $4,000.

TCCL326 - Lot 31Lot 31   Thornleigh 303 L326 (HPR) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. This is a real domestic type bull – he will suit earlier finishing cattle and has a wonderful classic hereford muscle pattern – really well structured.

Purchaser: Robert Drew   Price: $5,000

L339 - Lot 32Lot 32   Thornleigh Larkin L339 (H)

Eye pigment 95/75. This is a bull I would recommend for use over heifers. He is as easy doing as any in the catalogue and has great front end structure.

Purchaser: RJ & EJ Lockyer   Price: $8,000.

Lot 33   Thornleigh Liaison L392 (HPR) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Only an end of October, L392 is a higher yielding type – tremendous muscle, great feet and legs – he is a reliable breeding type.

Purchaser:  J Grills   Price: $4,000.

Lot 34   Thornleigh Lloydy L328 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Another thicker, earlier maturing type and as active as any. Sound and strong.

Lot 35   Thornleigh Legend L372 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. This bull’s mother is a tremendous milking cow with a great udder – a real maternal type – he is low on faults too.

Lot 36   Thornleigh Loafer L479 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Take into account his bull is a mid- November calf giving away a fair bit of age to his group and will perform alongside the others easily.

L324 - Lot 37Lot 37   Thornleigh Lowrey L324 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. I recommend this bull for heifer use – his structure and growth pattern are right – he is a really well put together bull – very appealing to the eye.

Purchaser: Armitage & Munsie   Price: $4,000

Lot 38   Thornleigh Lovell L321 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Another good quality H193 son with thickness, softness and masculinity.

Lot 39   Thornleigh Literate L403 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Back into a younger group here and this bull has as much carcass as any – from a good old breeding cow in Z223, this bull is versatile in his application.

Lot 40   Thornleigh Leaguey L419 (HPR) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. L419 is from one of the better breeding cows who produced K312 sold to Tom Bell last year and was one of my pick bulls in the sale.

Lot 41   Thornleigh Lucian L443 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. This bull would suit joining to heifers. He is well made and smooth in his structure.

Lot 42   Thornleigh Litmus L417 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. By E341 this end of November has terrific fleshing, he is wide topped with good skin and hair type and dark in the coat.

Purchaser: Armitage & Munsie   Price: $4,000.

Lot 43   Thornleigh Lucrative L437 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. An end of November calf with great width in his make up. He has a lovely skin and hair type. Plenty of good breeding in his mother D122.

Lot 44   Thornleigh Lunar L453 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. An upstanding, long fronted bull, I have full confidence that this young bull will end up big and heavy when he is a mature bull.

Lot 45   Thornleigh Luciano L482 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. A fraction lighter in the coat but from a big stretchy President cow who has bred well for us. He will produce heavier bodied cattle. A good solid figure set.

Purchaser: RJ & EJ Lockyer   Price: $4,000.

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