2016 Bull Sale Catalogue Lots

Monday 22nd August 2016 commencing at 1pm.

Click on the name of the animal for pedigree and Breedplan data.

TCCK308_1Lot 1  Thornleigh Kenyan K308 (AI) (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. A fantastic starting bull by the champion breeding bull Waterhouse – K308 is a clean poll bull with lovely fleshing, soft skin and easy doing. Dam is a maternal sister to new sire here H193 (sire of Lots 9-11) and J214 sold to Jim Flannagan for $11,000 – deep breeding on both sides.

Purchaser: Jura Pastoral Co.    Price: $8,000




TCCK303_1Lot 2  Thornleigh 594 Kakadu K303 (HPR) (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. K303 is a real favourite in the draft – an Ogilve son, he has beautiful balance, real softness and an unflappable temperament that is so dominant with the Ogilve cattle. The Katherine female line has spread throughout our herd quickly from a single Bramble female because of their extra strong maternal performance. NB This bull is registered as an HPR bull but can be upgraded to the full stud register if requested by the purchaser.

Purchaser: Reid Trust    Price: $16,000





TCCK302_2Lot 3  Thornleigh 285 Khawaja K302 (P) 

Eye Pigment 100/100. The first Wirruna G285 son to be offered, this cracking young October bull covers loads of ground. The G285’s are long bodied with real thickness. At the recent QLD Junior Show a great young 285 daughter was awarded Junior Champion. The scales tell the story with these cattle, they are big gainers. K302’s dam goes back to one of our favourite old breeders, S126 who reared 10 calves, with 2 sons selling into stud herds.

Purchaser:  DJ & SG Hill   Price:  $10,000




TCCK243_1Lot 4  Thornleigh G285 Katich K243 (S)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Another G285 son, K243 has as much carcass as any and has been a high performer from the start. Cosmetically appealing with a short, soft coat. G130 is by C209 who we registered 146 calves by and he never looked like he’d been working – we have plenty of good moderate framed, sound breeding females by 209 in our herd. Heifer’s first calf born unassisted.

Purchaser:  T & L Downham   Price: $10,000





TCCK249Lot 5  Thornleigh Karachi K249 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. K249 is a really stylish, free moving bull with extra scale and performance. A beautifully laid in shoulder and really clean lines he would be a possible heifer option. He is from a nice young cow who has weaned another very good bull calf this year. Heifer’s first calf born unassisted.

Purchaser:  BN & LJ Grogan   Price: $8,000





TCCK306_1Lot 6  Thornleigh Kokoda K306 (AI) (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Look into this bull as possibly one of the best bulls in this sale draft – he has enormous muscle content built from faultless structure. He is moderate boned with an ideal hair type. Genetically superior, he is by the $90,000 Calibre and from our favourite direct female line going back to B263 who has produced 2 embryo donor daughters for us in G200 and H186 who was awarded Supreme Exhibit at the recent QLD Junior Show.

Purchaser: Edendale Past. Co.   Price: $12,000





TCCK312Lot 7  Thornleigh Kapooka K312 (HPR) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. K312 has the type of carcass that we’re trying to breed – plenty of muscle but the capacity to finish easily to cover a range of specs. His is very like his sire E341 who is the heaviest carcass bull we have used. K312 is smooth coated, dark and soft – as versatile as any in the draft. F159 has another nice young weaner bull and has as neat an udder as any in the herd.

Purchaser: TR & NL Bell  Price: $7,000





TCCK266Lot 8  Thornleigh 285 Kentucky K266 (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. K266 is another of the G285s and is typical – extra length with a short, soft coat. The G285 progeny have a terrific eye set and none better than this bull. He is strong spined and good structure. His dam’s sire was purchased by Len Clarke, LP Herefords, and was 1140kg  when sold at 28 months.

Purchaser: Bonnie Rigg Past. Co.   Price: $8,000





TCCL311_1Lot 9  Thornleigh Lawry L311 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. L311 is the first in a special group of yearling bulls by new sire H193 who has produced the thickest calves we have produced here – this calf has outstanding carcass qualities with the spring of rib we are striving for. They are also very deep bodied cattle and his daughters look as good as the male portion. L311’s mother C128 has a wonderful udder and weaned him at 399kg. Real sire potential.

Purchaser: PL & SJ Donelly  Price: $5,000





TCCL312Lot 10  Thornleigh Lindwall L312 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. L312 has the same carcass merit as the previous bull with great stretch through the front end. A really strong head and ideal eye set, hopefully many will see the potential in this young calf from a top producing Z306 cow.

Purchaser: Reid Trust  Price: $4,000






TCCL316_2Lot 11  Thornleigh Lara L316 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. One of the deepest bodied bulls in the whole draft, L316 is so deceptively heavy and his mother weaned him at 417kg. The strength of rib and width he possesses is another dimension to anything we’ve bred before. We rate his mother very highly for her breeding consistency having bred F209 to top our 2012 sale at $11,000 and J377 who unfortunately we lost prior to our sale last year but had been Res Champion in his only showing. Appreciate this bull for his depth and outstanding weight for age.

Purchaser: Reid Trust   Price: $5,000




TCCL325_1Lot 12  Thornleigh Loxton L325 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. The last of this special yearling bull offering, L325 is as soft as butter. He has great stretch up front and a really round muscle pattern. We always endeavour to produce cattle with a strong head and front third and this calf has it in buckets full. His dam, F164 is one of the most attractive cows in the herd and is from a great breeding female, C216 who we have flushed and is the mother of Lot 13. Only a calf, but with loads of potential. He is an HPR but is full pedigreed and can be upgraded to the full stud register if required.

Purchaser: Springwood Partnership   Price: $4,000




TCCL300Lot 13  Thornleigh Lyon L300 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This is one of my definite pick bulls in the sale – he is only a January calf but has performance aligning with older bulls. He has tremendous length and the structure we look for to obtain longevity of breeding. A terrific female behind him who we flushed this year and has a near perfect udder, I recommend this bull strongly.

Purchaser:  Foxforth Herefords   Price: $9,000





TCCL302_1Lot 14  Thornleigh Lawson L302 (HPR) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. The first of an excellent group of young bulls by Thornleigh G338 who is a very imposing sire in our herd – they are great structured cattle and very attractive. You will see as a group of bulls they are extremely low on faults. G338 is a very appealing sire and we’ll use him a lot more yet.

Purchaser: LE & EJ Lockyer   Price: $4,000





TCCL301Lot 15  Thornleigh Langer L301 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Another January F303 son, L301 is full of meat – square built with great feet and legs – spot on eye setting. His dam is a very functional Trailblazer/S106 cross, so muscle and a bit higher yield is a feature.

Purchaser: Wirrabilla Past. Co.   Price: $4,000






TCCK313Lot 16  Thornleigh Killarney K313 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. By G338, this late November calf is really thick topped, big barrelled and correct like his sire. A very easy to use bull – smooth shoulder set and mobile.

Purchaser: Reid Trust   Price: $10,000






TCCK320Lot 17  Thornleigh Kingstown K320 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This is one of the real improvers in the draft – the first calf offered by Ironbark G126, he is a bigger framed bull with lots of stretch. G126 was purchased for his maternal strength being a cross of the L1 Advance and Bramble Kurrajong lines. K320 is maternally strong to the core as his mother is by Z138 – a really nice female producer. Look down the track with this calf – he will be an imposing sire and will possibly be as good as any in the draft.

Purchaser: R & A Sides   Price: $4,000




TCCL307Lot 18  Thornleigh Laker L307 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Another really soft G126 son, this calf will only be 18 months old at sale time and is a real commercial type – again these genetics have true maternal strength. He is deep sided and round muscled – this is a really versatile sire and could also do service on heifers.

Purchaser: LE & EJ Lockyer   Price: $6,000






TCCK327_2Lot 19  Thornleigh Karratha K327 (HPR) (H#)

Eye Pigment 100/100. K327 is a real beef bull – only an end of December calf, he has a wonderful carcass, great feet and legs and smooth through the front end. We’re so pleased with the consistency of the G338 calves – put them next to each other and you can see why.

Purchaser: J & C Robinson   Price: $4,000






TCCK324_1Lot 20  Thornleigh Kooringal K324 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/75. Only a mid December calf, this young bull oozes quality – he won’t be the biggest framed bull but is well fleshed and from a good producing dam who produced Lot 9 last year selling for $5,000. He is +21 for milk which is a product of strong maternal on both sides. He is a bull to be considered for heifer joinings.

Purchaser: Wirrabilla Past Co   Price: $4,000





TCCK351Lot 21  Thornleigh G126 K351 (Unregistered Commercial)

Link above is the sire of this bull.

Eye Pigment 100/100. This is a big powerful commercial bull from a first calver. He has always stood out for his great outlook. A very appealing bull to the eye, he will be a great herd improver bull.

Purchaser: LE & EJ Lockyer   Price: $6,000





TCCK307Lot 22  Thornleigh Kempsey K307 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/90. Keep an eye out for this bull in the draft as he is a typical Ogilve with extra scale and presence – terrific skin and outstanding structurally. He is from a strong breeding line that among many good cattle has notably produced Tambo – Reserve Champion at Sydney and sold to Charvel Herefords.

Purchaser: R Geach   Price: $4,000





TCCK350_2Lot 23  Thornleigh Kariba K350 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. K350 is a bull with a foot in each corner – he is really square and deep muscled. His sire, F177 sold to Reid Trust for $10,000 and we retained and used semen because we liked him and his dam so much. K350’s dam has produced a nice weaner bull this year.

Purchaser: Wirrabilla Past Co   Price: $4,000





DSCF5816Lot 24  Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong K239 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This is a very stout, square bodied bull as all the F303’s are – they have real butt shape and a lot of maternal strength. F303 is +19 for milk.

Purchaser: K & D Cruikshank    Price: $4,000






TCCK333Lot 25  Thornleigh Kilmore K333 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This performance bull is as long as a train and has a wonderful temperament. If you’re looking to stretch your cattle and put some extra weight into your calves this bull will do it in spades. His mother was a good producer for us and this was her last calf at 12 years of age.

Purchaser: G & Y Lockyer   Price: $7,000





TCCK293Lot 26  Thornleigh Kalgoorlie K293 (HPR) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This is possibly the best G126 son – he has extra length and plenty of thickness. We always strive to produce cattle that carry meat right down into the lower quarters and this bull represents this. K293’s dam is a really nice prodcuer. He will be one of the good bulls on sale day.

Purchaser: B & L Grogan   Price: $5,500





TCCK272_1Lot 27  Thornleigh G285 Kasprowicz K272 (P)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Another polled son of Wirruna G285, this bull has the extra length and strength of bone and structure that all the G285’s have. They have extra scrotal size and outstanding temperaments.

Purchaser: Springwood Partnership  Price: $4,000






TCCK276Lot 28  Thornleigh Kennett K276 (HPR) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. K276 is really square made – full of muscle and has great feet. All the aesthetics with great skin and soft hair. A strong herd improver.

Purchaser: L Clarke   Price: $4,000






TCCJ370_1Lot 29  Thornleigh A325 J370 (Unregistered)

The above link is for this bull’s sire – Argentina A325.

Eye Pigment 100/10. The last of the Argentina A325 sons for sale and typical of the extra hindquarter and all round width he produced. This bull’s dam, G110, is a Parson Hill President daughter. She has full pigment as did A325 himself. This is a bull worth more inspection.

Purchaser: R & A Sides   Price: $4,000





TCCJ183Lot 30  Thornleigh 178 Ribstone J183 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. This bull has loads of volume, length of body and is very attractive as he walks around the paddock. His dam weaned a very nice heifer calf this year and will likely be a long term breeder in our herd.






TCCK254Lot 31  Thornleigh Kelleway K254 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. A heifer’s first calf unassisted, K254 is structurally outstanding. He is a strong spined, free moving bull from a good young Vice Admiral cow. Consider for heifer joining.







TCCL308Lot 32  Thornleigh Laird L308 (H)

Eye Pigment 75/95. Take into account this is a February calf – another G126 with tremendous softness and plenty of meat – he will go ahead.

Purchaser: PC Rau   Price: $4,000







TCCK336Lot 33  Thornleigh Koreelah K336 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/20. Unassisted heifer’s first calf, this bull will suit heifer joining. He has a great front end and with Z138 on the female side has a double cross of calving ease.

Purchaser: J Gross   Price: $4,000







TCCK285Lot 34  Thornleigh Kyneton K285 (H)

Eye Pigment 40/100. Another unassisted heifer’s calf by TCCG126, K285 has extra neck extension, great shoulder set and more raw performance which he gets from extra length of body. Consider as an excellent bull for heifer joining.

Purchaser: J & T Kimmince   Price: $4,000






TCCK288Lot 35  Thornleigh Kiama K288 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/98. This short marked young bull is one of the better in a great draft of Ironbark G126 sons – he has more length and extra spring of rib. He is from a good young breeder who is from the same female as Lot 10. The Sullivan cows are rising to the top of our female herd.






TCCK323Lot 36  Thornleigh Koodoo K323 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. One of my favourite bulls in the draft – he has a great spring of rib and is as deep sided as any in the draft. His mother has a lovely Days Calibre heifer this year and she’s by Hudson C218 who produced beautiful milking females.

Purchaser: A Kidman   Price: $4,000






TCCK311Lot 37  Thornleigh Kalumburu K311 (H)

Eye Pigment 98/100. Softness and extra performance in this young bull. His maternal granddam was a top breeder for us and had bulls selling to $10,000 to Amos Vale for D299, and A202 – $9,000 to Eulourie.

Purchaser: Springwood Partnership   Price: $4,000






TCCK251_1Lot 38  Thornleigh Kendall K251 (H#)

Eye Pigment 100/100. A strong sirey head on this G285 bull – he is moderate in his growth pattern and would suit heifers. He is also wide based and will produced a good set of attractive weaners. D305 has also produced H157 selling to Reid Trust for $6,000.







TCCK257Lot 39  Thornleigh 303 Kippax K257 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. One of the soundest cows in our herd, Z223 has weaned a good bull calf and is back in calf again at 12 years of age – she produces moderate framed cattle that are thick, meaty and correct – K257 will be a solid producer with longevity.

Purchaser: K & D Cruikshank   Price: $4,000






TCCL304Lot 40  Thornleigh Lillee L304 (H)

Eye Pigment 40/100. One of the youngest in the draft, L304 will continue to improve and quickly. He is just hitting his straps. Structurally, he is as sound as a bell. He is square set and is a good bet to produce solidly.

Purchaser: A Kidman    Price: $4,000






TCCK295Lot 41  Thornleigh KB K295 (H)

Eye Pigment 85/75. The consistency of INBG126 is what I really like about his progeny. The softness and fleshing is a feature and is as strong as any in this calf.








TCCK317Lot 42  Thornleigh Kookabookra K317 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Excellent milk on both sides of this bull’s pedigree. He will suit heifer joinings – moderate growth pattern and lovely shoulder setting. D195 has a nice young bull calf at side now. He will suit heifer joining.