2015 Bull Sale Catalogue Lots



Lot 1 – Thornleigh D1 Juggler J251 (AI) (ET) (S)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Our first bull to sell with poll genetics – a very stout Waterhouse son, J251 is strong spined and has the real trademark of Waterhouse which is a great rib – he is really round off the spine and carries this into great depth of body – they have terrific scrotal – will match his solid figure set. His donor dam, G200 is from a top producing S106 cow, B263 who hasn’t missed on quality once.

Buyer: Emu Tops      Price: $9000




 LoJ214_2t 2 – Thornleigh Ogilvie J214 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. First of a great Ogilvie draft – these have outstanding temperaments, great hair types and they have a growth pattern that will ensure they continue to grow – J214 is as soft a bull as is in the sale draft. His half brother was last year retained for use in our stud herd. He will produce outstanding cattle.

Buyer: Jim Flannagan     Price: $11,000






Lot 3 – Thornleigh 594 Jackson J281 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. I have a great deal of time for this young Ogilvie calf – he has tremendous stretch through the front end, great length of body and deep muscling – he is genuine sire material with the quiet disposition that is complimentary to high eating quality. His mother is as consistent a breeder as any we have.

Buyer: Reid Trust     Price: $13,000





Lot 4 – Thornleigh 007 Hungarian H361 (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Almost a clone of his powerhouse sire but with the calving ease and high milk of 42R on his dam’s side, 361 needs thorough inspection – he was held back as a young calf last year and has matured into a genuine sire.

Buyer: Glendan Park      Price: $12,000




Lot 5 – Thornleigh 305 Jaguar J223 (AI) (H)

Eye Pigment 100/100. Perhaps the most complete carcass in the catalogue, J223 is moderate in his pattern with tremendous fill down into his lower quarters while maintaining great structural correctness on faultless feet and legs. He will be a versatile sire. Typical of the terrific job done by our $19,000 sale topper E305.

Buyer: R Drew     Price: $8,000





Lot 6 – Thornleigh D1 Jamboree J254 (AI) (ET) (P)

Eye pigment 100/90. A real grower, this poll Waterhouse son is as long as a train – he has extra growth and when mature will be awesome – great rib spring and beautiful structure through the front end – a low fault potential sire.

Buyer: T Bell     Price: $11,000





Lot 7 – Thornleigh 243 Jandowae J196 (HPR) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Unfortunately F243 injured himself and we only got a few. J196 is low on faults and would suit heifer joinings. He has the skin and hair type that will appeal – E177 has a great young calf for 2016.

Buyer: Lockyer Family     Price $9,000





Lot 8 – Thornleigh 594 Jenner J290 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. There are always bulls that get better and better and I believe that come sale time J290 will be as good as any – Ogilvie is a dominant bull and this calf typifies what he is doing for us. One of the really top bulls in the draft.

Buyer: Ford End     Price: $5,000




Lot 9 – Thornleigh 341 Jabiru J387 (H)

Eye pigment 100/90. One of the softest bulls in the catalogue, 387 has all the carcass positives – great muscle pattern front to back and the type that could finish early or grow on – a good young cow in E170 behind him.

Buyer: N Kelly     Price: $5,000





Lot 10 – Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong J233 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. One of my pick bulls in the sale, J233 is the first of our Kurrajong F303 bulls for sale – I love their muscle content and he has really bred the correctness in structure that I believed he would. J233 has exceptional length and terrific balance – with a great young cow who has produced a second top seller to date.

Buyer: Lockyer Family     Price: $5,000



J247 Lot 11 – Thornleigh303 Kurrajong J247 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. We bought F303 as he had as few faults as I could find in any bull and he has bred this – I guess he has outdone what I expected him to do with the carcass he has put into his progeny – this moderate growth bull has such a good muscle pattern.

Buyer: T Downham     Price: $5,000





Lot 12 – Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong J210 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. J210 has extra body length from his dam particularly through the front end but retains the great depth of F303, extra pigment.

Buyer: L Clarke     Price: $3,000





Lot 13 – Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong J211 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. The F303 cattle are quite easy to pick as he has done such a consistent job – 211 has extra rib and fills his pants right up. Again – wonderful balance.

Buyer: Kanari Hldgs     Price: $4,000






Lot 14 – Thornleigh 305 Jasper J222 (HPR) (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. I always like the cattle we get from the E305 bull, they are great carcass Herefords and with such a strong maternal element behind him on both sides – I have real confidence in this bull.






Lot 15 – Thornleigh D1 Jetstream J319 (AI) (P)

Eye pigment 100/100. This is a really solid young poll calf by Waterhouse. His mother C216 is one of my favourites and has weaned a tremendous young bull calf again. 319 is moderate in type and really carries meat low into his hind leg.

Buyer: Eldorado     Price: $4,500





Lot 16 – Thornleigh 305 Jock J181 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. E305 pops up here again with great structure and natural carcass – this is from one of our oldest cows and she has just weaned a very nice young heifer calf which will be at the top end of her group.

Buyer: Kanari Hldgs     Price: $4,000






Lot 17 – Thornleigh 594 Josh J382 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 95/90. Wonderful loose skin and soft hair type with loads of growth potential in this Ogilvie son – with the Trailblazer cross this fellow will also breed  high carcass value into his calves – I have a lot of time for the mother of this calf – to me he shows real sire power.

Buyer: Reid Trust     Price: $10,000





Lot 18 – Thornleigh 42X Domino J239 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 90/70. Sure-fire low birth weight genetics with Domino 42X and J239 is just what we’ve wanted him to do – sound, soft and enough carcass. F128 is a very nice young breeder.

Buyer: Kanari Hldgs     Price: $3,000






Lot 19 – Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong J376 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. J376 is such a soft, high carcass quality bull – he has extra bone, correctness of structure and a really soft hair type. I like his mother a lot and believe over her lifetime we will see some top end progeny come through.

Buyer: K Cruikshank     Price: $3,000






Lot 20 – Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong J248 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Take your pick of the F303 sons – they are so consistent in type that if you’re attracted to one I feel you’ll like them all. This bull has a big round top, great finish through the hindquarter and terrific soundness. E183 is a good young breeder.

Buyer: A Anderson     Price: $3,000




Lot 21 – Thornleigh 243 Johnstone J225 (H)

Eye pigment 90/100. There are only a couple of F243 sons, both have extra length of body, good smooth shoulder set and plenty of muscle – 225’s mother is by INBC152 who bred terrific thickness into his progeny.

Buyer: Kanari Hldgs     Price: $4,000






Lot 22 – Thornleigh C41 Unique J231 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Any cattle that head back to Neon generally have great carcass attributes – C041, like his full brother Trailblazer was no exception and it shines in this good young calf. 231’s mother raised our top priced bull last year selling to Reid Trust.

Buyer: I Grieve     Price: $3,000





Lot 23 – Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong J238 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Should suit heifer joining. I love the butt shape in this bull – he will breed a lovely set of weaners that you will never have any trouble finishing – lovely laid in shoulder and 238 shows real presence and with terrific balance he always appeals.

Buyer: Piedmont     Price: $5,000





Lot 24 – Thornleigh 152 Julian J296 (HPR) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. 296 is one of the real movers in the draft – as he fills out his potential to be a sire of heavy cattle. He has pleasing aesthetics and will cover lots of country easily.

Buyer: Lockyer Family     Price:$6,000






Lot 25 – Thornleigh 305 Jennings J335 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. E305 breeds a great carcass and that rings true here but also a bull that I think will put cover on his progeny earlier than some of the others. E132 is a becoming a frontline breeder in our program.

Buyer: J Matthews     Price: $4,000






Lot 26 – Thornleigh 325 Argentina J155 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. As high a yielding bull as any in the catalogue – 155 has great feet and is as wide based as any bull in the catalogue. Z251 has bred a number of top end calves.

Buyer: H Bundock     Price: $4,000






Lot 27 – Thornleigh 209 Ribstone H293 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Lovely soft, loose skin, all the pleasing aesthetics you look for in Hereford cattle – meat to burn and carries it deep. H293 has extra pigment and the eye set I am concentrating on breeding.

Buyer: Kanari Hldgs     Price: $4,000






Lot 28 – Thornleigh 325 Argentina J169 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. This draft sees the last sons of A325 – a triple trait leader for growth on Breedplan and this bull gets extra weight through exceptional body length – no carcass data but his sire is +4.4 for EMA.

Buyer: J Housten      Price: $3,000






Lot 29 – Thornleigh 209 Ribstone J167 (H)

Eye pigment 100/45. A lower birthweight option here with plenty of softness, soundness and a lovely set shoulder. We originally used C209 as a joining option for heifers.

Buyer: K Cruikshank     Price: $4,000






Lot 30 – Thornleigh 007 President J165 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. The last President to be offered and a pretty good example of why he did a great job for us. They always have more meat – they are long bodied and have adequate bone – a good versatile, moderate type bull whose progeny will be at the front end of your calf crop.

Buyer: J Gross      Price: $3,000





Lot 31 – Thornleigh 42X Domino J182 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 60/85. Another heifer option – 182 has the sure-fire low birthweight genetics of 42X – he is a long and deep bodied bull with a nicely hooded eye set.

Buyer: Reid Trust     Price: $4,000






Lot 32 – Thornleigh 341 Jaques J292 (H)

Eye pigment 100/98. J292 has extra growth potential in a nice loose skin – great hair type with a rich coat colour – a bull that’s hard to pull apart. His mother is a valuable cow in our herd.

Buyer: K Withers     Price: $3,000 (sold post sale)






Lot 33 – Thornleigh 325 Jordanian J390 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Correctness and from a great looking female, J390 is solid head to tail – he moves very smoothly and will cover country easily – great to see strong muscling in a really free moving bull.

Buyer: B Swan     Price: $3,000 (sold post sale)






Lot 34 – Thornleigh 594 Jondaryan J307 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 90/100. 307 is tremendously wide based – he has high muscle expression but will also be soft enough to produce quality eating. I’m so please with the temperaments we see across the board with our Ogilvie cattle. 307’s dam has also produced F243 – sire of Lots 7 and 21. See the potential here.

Buyer: G Sargeant     Price: $3,000




Lot 35 – Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong J236 (H)

Eye pigment 80/95. If we put all the F303 bulls in the draft in one yard it would be an impressive show of consistency. They are all thick – wide topped, good footed and wide based – 236 shows all these positives. They are so easy to look at because of their exceptional balance.

Buyer: Kanari Hldgs     Price: $4,000





Lot 36 – Thornleigh 209 Joe Burns J369 (H)

Eye pigment 100/99. J369 is a young bull that really stands up out of his shoulders – he has a great back end and will keep growing – you get moderate birth, good performance and great depth of body. He’s a very appealing bull.

Buyer: C Lisle     Price: $4,000







Lot 37 – Thornleigh 341 Jonty J336 (H)

Eye pigment 98/90. This bull shows what I really like about the 341 progeny – they have great muscle expression but also tremendous softness and the ability to lay down cover. Clean shouldered, powerful hind leg and great presence in this bull.

Buyers: K Cruikshank     Price: $3,000





Lot 38 – Thornleigh 209 F288 J206 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Due to a glitch 206 has just been registered hence there are no figures on him until sale time – his female line is a very good and 206 himself is like all the 209 progeny – correct, thick, good footed.

Buyer: J Housten     Price: $3,000





Lot 39 – Thornleigh 209 Ribstone J235 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. A real heifer option here – he is as soft as butter – good depth of body and real softness – his type will put plenty of calves on the ground.

Buyer: Kanari Hldgs     Price: $3,000





Lot 40 – Thornleigh 152 Javagal J342 (HPR) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. Heifer option here – really soft bull with outstanding temperament. Soft, loose skin.

Buyer: B Swan     Price: $3,000 (sold post sale)






Lot 41 – Thornleigh 303 Kurrajong J244 (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. F303 again – softness, wide topped – more moderate type – as reliable and versatile a type as you will find in the draft.

Buyer: B Archer            Price: $3,000 (sold post sale)






Lot 42 – Thornleigh 594 Joost J330 (AI) (H)

Eye pigment 100/100. A young bull with extra carcass – heavily pigmented and like all the Ogilvies he has a wonderful temperament. Miles of room left in this bull – I believe he will be a really good bull filled out.

Buyer: Jindalee Herefords     Price: $3,000